Remember the UBUNTU mantra: NO money; NO barter; NO trade; the land and resources belong to everyone equally; everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community. Everyone’s contribution is seen as being a vital part of the whole, and therefore is equally valuable as any other contribution.

Imagine your own body as an example. You do not ascribe more value to your feet than to your arms. Or you don’t see your liver as being more valuable than your kidneys. Every cell in your body plays an integral part in the whole function of your body, that works in unity – as one – and does not fight other cells and is not at war with itself. Because any organism at war with itself is doomed. This is how we have to see our individual roles in our communities. Every person plays an integral part in the health and success of the community as a whole unified structure.

Some of you may be aware of people called “breatharians” – those who survive only on air, sunlight and a little bit of water. These are highly evolved beings who have undergone mental and physical change to be able to absorb energy from the sun just like plants do. Remember that that is actually what we ultimately do – by eating corn, bread, vegetables or even meat; we absorb the energy stored in those foods that was derived from the sun.

Scientists at the leading edge of research have been puzzled by this for many years. If we are supposed to be so evolved as a species, why do we still need to eat other matter that grows from the energy of the sun, instead of just absorbing the Sun’s energy ourselves directly into our bodies – without having to digest food to obtain it?

This is the ability that the people who call themselves “breatharians” posses – to absorb the energy of the Sun directly.

So as we raise our levels of consciousness and move towards higher levels of enlightenment, we will begin to enjoy many of these new physical benefits – as strange as it may sound to some at this point in time. Highly evolved and conscious beings do not have to consume food for energy.

But because at this stage of our journey as the human race we cannot yet survive without food, it will continue to play a key role in how our society is structured.

As we work though the various sectors of an UBUNTU Contributionist society below, keep repeating the UBUNTU mantra, when confronted by the various problems, and you will see that you already have all the answers inside of you. You will find that your answers will be very similar to mine – because in a system where everyone is equal, and everyone’s contributions has the same value, and everyone stands united towards abundance for all, the answers and solutions to the problems come from unity – the same point of departure and understanding. This is what I found to my great surprise and joy, after six years of struggling with the philosophy of Contributionism. The answers are always very simple – contrary to the complex and twisted society we live in today.

One of the key components of UBUNTU is that – everything is available to everyone at all times, in their effort to contribute to society. By this I mean that, whatever you do, or whatever tools or materials you need to perform your task in your community, will be provided.

Whether you are a farmer or a rocket scientist, everything you need to perform your task will be provided – because everything is available – because everybody provides for everyone else in whatever it is they do.

This is an aspect that many of us will probably struggle to come to terms with for some time, because we currently live in a world of scarcity – where we all have to struggle to get anything done. But I have seen as time goes by, people everywhere take less time to grasp this opposing view of how things should be.

There is an abundance of everything in the world – we must ensure that we share this abundance amongst all – without any reservations or rules that give some people more privilege than others. By removing money, we remove any possibility of hierarchy and the possibility of some individuals taking control of large sectors of society.

In my evaluation of the UBUNTU Contribution System, I provide the basic guidelines based on unity and simplicity. I believe that I have constructed many of the answers to the various sectors of society – BUT I certainly do not claim to have all the answers.

The philosophy that I present here is by no means the final solution, but it provides the basic point of departure and the key fundamental cornerstones, that can be used to implement the other confusing areas of a new social structure as we work through it. Once these fundamentals are in place, every community will find their own simple solutions to their specific needs very quickly – as long as they use the fundamentals outlined in this document and do not complicate the issues as we have done for so long.

Just keep repeating the mantra – and all the answers will present themselves – as they have done to me over my six-year period of enlightenment. Every part of our lives will change dramatically for the better.

Everything we do every day – how we live, sleep, eat, build, travel, play, love, educate, and more – will change. So be prepared to accept this positive change with an open mind and an open heart.