African Roots

In many ways the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM is loosely based on the ancient tribal structures of the African people and other native tribes of the world. For thousands of years the native people of the world lived in close tribal communities, in harmony with mother Earth. There was no hunger and there was no homelessness. People did not become vagrants, tramps, beggars, criminals or undesirables, because they had no money. People’s children were not confiscated by social services because they did not have money to support their children. Their homes were not confiscated for not paying a mortgage. Everybody had a home or a roof over their heads. Everyone had their specific contribution to their community or tribe.

If one person went hungry, the whole tribe or village would go hungry, because the hunger was connected to famine or bad planning.

While there were clashes between tribes, there was also a general accepted respect between the tribes. The clashes were generally instigated by priest and kings who were under the instructions of the royal political elite sowing seeds of conflict and separation. This can be traced back all the way to the Sumerians and their warring activity which continued through the times of the Bible under the instruction of the controllers, Elohim, or ancient gods, as they are referred to in ancient texts.

By using UBUNTU as a model and adapting some key elements to the needs of our society today, we end up with a model that is totally in harmony with nature and our planet.

Our society has been segregated and separated on so many levels that we hardly understand the word unity any more. UBUNTU allows people to reconstitute a unified society consisting of smaller harmonious communities living in support of each other.

UBUNTU will restore this harmonious balance between the people and the Earth, providing abundance for all, because it is a social structure which allows its citizens to all contribute their natural talents and acquired skills to the greater benefit all the people in the community and not just enrich themselves. This applies to all areas of our society; science, technology, agriculture, manufacture, health, education, housing, and all other areas that are “not financially viable” under the present economic system. UBUNTU will also allow countless new activities to be performed and services delivered that are not financially viable in the current money-based system, and yet many of these unaffordable services are desperately needed by the people.

The solutions for all the social problems are actually very simple. Scientists and other smart people everywhere know what the solutions are. But the solutions are not implemented because there is never enough money according to governments. When you think about this aspect of our society today, it is almost unimaginable that this is the case. The knowhow and will is there, but those who have assumed authority over humanity repeatedly use money as an excuse for non-performance. This apathy will be one of the first problems to be eradicated under the UBUNTU Contributions system.