Transformation to the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM can happen in TWO possible ways:

One – where we consciously and gradually start to move towards a system without money;

Two – a situation where we are suddenly forced into it by uncontrollable external events.

The way that the world is going, it seems that the money controllers will not give up their control willingly, and we will probably be dumped into a sudden and dramatic change of life – without any money at all, when the entire banking and economic system crashes.

The second possibility is probably the better of the two because it places humanity in a situation of “we have to work together to survive”.

Whichever way it goes, we have to start thinking about it and embracing the principles so that we are ready for it. We need to be comfortable with the philosophy, realize that it is the only way forward for humanity, and fully understand the simplicity of UBUNTU.

It will require a complete paradigm shift in our way of thinking in our approach to our own destiny. But these will be highly liberating and exciting times with limitless possibilities for everyone. There are many conscious and enlightened people that have been waiting for this kind of social structure for a long time.

But we cannot wait for the system to crash, we have to be proactive and start taking action ourselves, that will help speed up the eradication of money from society, by sidelining the bankers into paralysis, until they have absolutely no say or affect in our lives.

To explain the transition from a capitalist money-driven society to one that operates on the others side of the scale is tricky. Mainly because there will be transitional stages, in which we will have to accommodate money, while doing many things without money or payment. There does come a time in the process where the balance of scales tip so suddenly that people don’t even realize they don’t need money, when they realize that they are no longer using money for anything.

Remember that money does not dig the boreholes, or purify water – people do. Money does not cook the food or make a fire on a cold night – people do. People create, build, invent and have the capacity for infinite love for each other. This has been destroyed by the principles of ‘divide and conquer’ which has successfully controlled us for so long.

The fundamental principles of UBUNTU Contributionism are the same values and dreams we encourage in our children – follow your dreams; improve your natural talents and skills – and then one day all those dreams are shattered in almost every child, when they realize the harsh reality that the world does not allow them to follow their passions and follow their dreams. It may do so for a very small percentage of the population, but the largest majority of highly skilled and talented people end up doing something they hate – just because it brings in a little bit of money at the end of the month.

There are rocket scientists driving busses, instead of working on rockets. Those who are passionate about busses, working in a bakery, instead of driving busses. Bakers digging trenches, while those who love civil engineering and want to build bridges work as a receptionist in a bank. It is truly a twisted world of imbalances – all because of money.

Most of us cannot afford to attain the education or training we dream of and if we do, we spend the rest of our lives paying off the student loan. The world does not look favorably on ‘natural skills’ in the ‘labor market’ where everyone is judged on the level of education and training they present. Most people take on jobs for the sake of earning a few lousy bucks, while undergoing training on the job for something they despise – but they endure it because they need the money.

This system is a continuous spiral of entrapment that generates huge amounts of negative energy in the world. Remember that thoughts are waves and frequencies of energy, that are subconsciously felt by all other people around you. And because the majority of the world lives in misery, these thoughts and strong emotions continue to affect the rest of humanity negatively. It is therefore that we have what many psychologists call a “collective depressive state of humanity”.

UBUNTU provides the immediate solution for all the negative symptoms and the causes of the problems.

When people do what they are passionate bout and what they love doing, they radiate very positive energy. This invisible positive emotive state feeds others around them with very positive energy. It is infectious and it can be felt when you walk into a room of happy people, doing what they love to do. Whether it is cooking, farming, engineering, washing, making shoes, creating art, or even solving the sewerage problems.

Contributionism is based on the simple principles that everyone has their own talents, skills and passions. There are millions of different people with different talents and passions. This is the diversity that every community needs, to keep improving their own situation.

So how do we start to implement this?

The first phase is to get all the small rural towns and villages to become self-sufficient on as many levels as possible. Starting with food, water, housing, electricity and as many other areas as they can. A model for this is laid out in the next part “A Plan for Rural Towns”.

The second phase is the slow and steady decentralizations of the urban metropolitan jungles that have evolve as a result of the chase for money. The repopulation of the many smaller towns and villages will be a vital part to bring new skills and expertise into the community and continually keep improving the community’s ability to provide better services and facilities to the people.

So many city slickers have weekend cottages in small towns, to escape from the rat-race as often as they can. All those people can now escape the rat-race permanently and just stay in the small town they love so much. All they have to do is to contribute their skills or talents to the greater benefit of the whole community. It is no longer all about my house, my garden, my road, and the many self-centered characteristics we have developed in this divided world, but rather – our town, our parks and gardens, our homes, roads and our happiness.

Strong rural and farming communities with a variety of freedoms will provide the platform for all future growth. Since food and water is the basic need of all, farming and farmers will play a key role in stabilizing each community. I will go into great detail how the production and delivery of food should operate under the farming section.

This reactivation of these small communities will be accompanied by the first wave of freedoms previously denied to the people. Free water, free food, free electricity, free housing, free service and everything else the community produces.

I need to qualify the word “free”. Since there is no money in the system, things are not really free. They are simply made available to everyone all the time – as long as they are contributing members of the community. It is that simple and basic.

To achieve all this, will require taking back the power from the politicians and the governments and the municipalities they have created, with their complex legal systems, to protect their own interests and the agendas of the large multinational corporations that support them.

Governments destroy communities and small towns on a daily basis. Large corporations destroy small towns and destroy people’s lives every day. The small town of Waterval Boven where I live was devastated by the government some 5 years ago, when they decided to close a major railway station and railroad department. This put about 400 people out of work in the countryside, completely destroying the town.

This was all done because of money. The railway authorities felt that it was no longer financially viable to keep the offices and buildings active and decided to close it down and manage it from one of their satellite offices 100 kilometers away.

Two obvious things become evident. The first one is that if the government was truly the servant to the people, they would never have done such a thing, because the people would never have agreed to such action.

Secondly, money is once again behind the misery of ordinary people, most of whom probably did not even like their jobs at the railways, but did it as a means to an end.

UBUNTU Contributionism provides a simple solution for all the people who have been abused by the system. A solution of abundance for all – following your passion and making your environment infinitely successful as a unified community.