If it’s not good for one, it’s not good at all

Use the following sheets to gather as much information about your community. The more information you have about your community, the better implementation plan you can build. Remember information is power. Please research and answer each of the following questions as they relate to your community today:

  • What is the current political structure?
  • What are the resources of the community?
  • What industry exists?
  • What is your community’s demographics?
  • What is the typical weather and climate of your community?

You might not be able to answer all of the questions up front but with some research you will uncover the answers.

Below are some examples as to why it is important for answering the previous questions:

  • For power generation. For example, solar may not be your best source of energy generation if you live in a climate that is cloudy/rainy day most of the year Wind power or water power may be your better options.
  • For local community elections. Remember UBUNTU Contributionism is not a political movement it is a liberation movement. However, to transition to a world with no money we initially need the backing of government dollars to implement “The Blueprint”. For most communities this is going to be very important. It will allow Ubuntu party to control the flow of money and resources to community projects.
  • For food production. In your community you might have to build greenhouses with climate controls so you can grow food year around.

In the end just take the time to look close at your community and how it works today. Then start to look at how you want to make it better. Even if Ubuntu does work you can still effect change in your community for the better. See the needs of the community and find the solutions to fill those needs.