This was posted on the community connector the other day I think it speaks volumes.

We've all got more questions than answers. Right now, anyone claiming to have them all is lying, and anyone claiming to have none is also lying. There's no difference between a conspiracy theorist and a physics theorist: they both seek to unify the explainable into a tidy, elegant solution. They over-reach, and replace facts with repetition, method with volume, and you wind up with vaccines and hollow planets. Informational biases have never been so en-grained as they are now.

The biggest advantage that the powers that be (PTB) have had in history is control of information. Citizens could never share intelligence in a comprehensive way. A lot of what the POB have able to accomplish is because they are able to divide, isolate, and "propagate propaganda". They were able to manipulate our information.

We HAVE to be careful, because they are still manipulating our information, using a polar opposite method. The oppressors have adapted: rather than depriving us of information they're saturating us with disinformation. False flags. Shills. Distraction. "Science" has become a political party. They're muddying the waters so that we're looking for needles of truth in haystacks of half-truths, strategic leaking of facts that are meant to divide us, and the fostering of agitation in radical groups from both sides of the political spectrum. And they're successful. It's the same Hegalian Dialectic as always. Awakened vs sheeple. Rural vs urban. Left vs right. Industry vs. Environment. We're fragmenting, now more than ever.

We think we're awake? We are not...NOT NOT NOT awake unless we accept that this is by design. We're expected to fill a certain role, like we always are. We're a weapon of the elite, every time we believe we have answers. Nobody learns anything while they're talking, and our theories need to be reined into the one question that matters anymore: "What now?"

How have the PTB GOTTEN to where they are? By dividing, distracting, dumbing down, and disciplining dissenters. They're doing it right now. This emotion...this rage that we've been lied to...this anger among the populations of the world for how deep the rabbit hole of our control goes...we're SUPPOSED to be feeling that right now. It's the POB doing what they do. They divide societies, play on emotions, suspend logic, and it inevitably lead to some kind of "us vs. them" conflict, from creating a rift that wasn't there before. Do you think you're above that? Do you? Ask yourself whether you're on team "Awakened" or team "Sheeple", and answer that again.

The facts never add up in a false flag as they are happening. Bad actors. Things out of place. A Hollywood feel to it. What are we seeing right now? Newscasts too ridiculous to be true. Caricatures. They're not even bothering to fake it anymore, which is the scariest thing of all.

While we sit around and congratulate ourselves on how insightful we are for noticing past hoaxes, and spinning our wheels "exposing" them, analyzing them, looking for patterns to be 1 day ahead of predicting the next crisis, we are NOT seeking truth. We're the kids in the front row of a first grade class, and we think we're somehow enlightened when we're arguing with our teacher that 2+2 isn't 5. In the meantime, the big kids across the hall...our enemies...are doing calculus and munching on our stolen lunches.

Being awake is realizing the SCOPE of the things we don't know. If we are recording airplanes, maybe we should be looking at the ground. If we're drawn to Brussels, investigate China. President is in Cuba, but who is in Malaysia? We STILL only know what we're allowed to know. It's enough informational rope for us to hang ourselves with, chasing our own tails looking for some grand epiphany. And even if you FOUND it, the internet is so saturated with disinformation now that it can't penetrate the noise.

We need to take a step back, recalibrate. If the PTB aren't bothering to hide their lunacy, there's nothing useful to know. We need to take a breath, and question WHY we have had these threads dropped in front of us. Why it has been made so OBVIOUS to us that our enemies are in the closet. Economic collapse, NWO, alien invasions, plague, war,'s all in the closet. We're just waiting and ready for ANYTHING that comes out of that closet. We have chakras and tattoos and bottled water. We're ready! Go SOCIETY!!!

We don't have any fucking idea what's under the bed.

We MUST be willing to let go of our old thinking, where being "correct" about something, just for the sake of it, is of any use. Pointing it out isn't any use. We have to re-orient our thinking, where analysis is time well spent. Check our biases. Stop ARGUING about the details of the multiple ways in which we have been screwed over. Is it aliens or spirits? Is the earth hollow or the sky flat? Is the antichrist coming? Cui bono? It doesn't even matter.

NONE of that matters if the lights go out, or if they don't What matters is whether those batteries in your drawer are charged, and whether you've got good boots and have a rendezvous point for your family. We have no idea what's going on, much less what to expect.

There are some things we do know for sure, all of us. Let's concentrate on those. A lone mind can get off on a tangent, get pulled away from common sense and resourceful thinking. But a COMMUNITY pulls that individual energy we spend chasing demons into something useful. I want to be part of that.

We can spend as much energy as we want figuring out the depth of our deception, and it won't help. Analyzing the hoaxes in the world won't help. Politics won't help. Money won't help. Information, once you have that "wow, we're so fucked" moment, won't help. Your contact list, your organic lettuce, your knowledge of 9-11 or the corruption of the UN won't help. Sorry, but awakening is only the FIRST step: it puts you in a position to be able to start letting go of your belief systems, because the harder you look at what you're shown, the more convincing the magician is. This political, military, economic, theological, and social pipe bomb is EXACTLY what they want us to be looking at. They WANT us looking up at airplanes and not where we're walking. They're smart, too, and they've been magicians for a long time.

I'm as guilty as anyone of going down rabbit holes. I'm willing to quit my addiction to alternative ideas, because from a practical standpoint it's now just celebrity gossip: fascinating, terrifying, infuriating, intimidating, and utterly useless. It's an addiction, as destructive as being addicted to fast food or television. And if I'm going to transcend being more aware into being more useful, I'd better cracking. How can I help?

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February 21, 2023 • 5:38PM


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