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As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness, I will see a world of peace and safety and joy.
From: A Course In Miracles

We decided to make this site to hopefully bring about a change in the Mind, Body and Spirit. We would like to uplift the lives of everyone on the planet and free them from the unjust systems that are controlling us. We hope to give some idea of how to eat better, live cleaner and more harmonious with the earth, and to unchain and unplug the spirit so it can ascend to a higher vibration and grow so we can move past the Service to Self and start being in service to others.

This site is going to be an eclectic mix of thing that should have the central them of enlightenment. It may not seem like it at first but it will. Because there are so many aspects to live there is a lot to things to cover.

The main focus is to try and move us to Service to Others we as the human race can no longer go about treating others as bad as we do. As stated in many of the ancient as well as the modern spiritual teachings WE are one, one soul, one being, one race, We Are One. We need to start acting like it so we can break the wheel of Karma and Ascend to the next level in our evolution.

May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far.


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